The Squires Effect Story

The Squires effect began 10 years ago when a remarkable family lost their son Grant to a hard fought battle with addiction. This was a terrible time, but this loss motivated the squires family to help and support other families who were going through the same battle. Claire Squires continued to help & support others whilst enjoying life to the full, she was a dedicated person and wanted to achieve her own goals whilst injecting a little fun, and as a bonus raise as much money for charity as possible. We want to continue this amazing legacy and encourage others to raise money as Claire did. Please pass it on together we can change lives and have fun as Clare did.

What is the Squires Effect?

Life is strange isnt it? We cant explain why certain things happen, good or bad, or how one little spark can change our lives forever, and how that spark can sometimes inspire us all to become more human and pull together in a crisis.

The Squires effect is our definition of a spark from one single event or act from one person or a group of people; which creates a domino effect and encourages us to pass on our inspiration to others.

It can motivate us to follow our dreams, goals, or even give a little something back and help the less fortunate.

The Squires effect can also be a sign of a truly remarkable person. This doesnt mean you have to be a world leader or a CEO of a multimillion pound business. It just means that you are a little bit more than ordinary, and give more of yourself than most.

Our Goal: The friends of the Squires effect will help carry on the legacy of a truly remarkable person by: Encouraging others to achieve their goals and ambitions, Helping to carry on the squires effect by raising a little money for charity, Making people smile and Working with self-funded charities that provide support to the less fortunate.

How you can help: Everything helps! whether you want to offer a little support for a future event, make a small donation or want to learn more about becoming a Friend of the Squires Effect, please just let us know.

Your support will help change lives xxx